Glencoe, western Scotland.

Glencoe is well known as a centre for hillwalking and mountaineering. In addition, the area offers watersports, golf, fishing and other outdoor activities such as segway touring, canyoning, horse riding and biking. There’s plenty of choice whether it’s a shorter walk you’re after or a more strenuous hike. Take a gentle stroll around the Lochan or venture up the mountain path to the Pap of Glencoe and take in the breathtaking scenery it has to offer.

Glencoe is situated less than a half hours drive from Fort William and offers some of the most stunning scenery in Scotland. The area is steeped in history and was the scene of one of the most infamous massacres in Scottish history in 1692, when the MacDonald Clan were slaughtered at the hands of the Campbells.

Glencoe is strikingly dramatic and the glens contrast quite starkly to the flat and desolate area of Rannoch Moor which lies to it’s east. The combination of deep glen and high mountain peaks and ridges show clear evidence of sculpting by glaciers.
Glencoe is the site of an ancient super volcano. Following volcanic activity around 400 million years ago, the area was further eroded by wind and water. The Ice Age helped complete the final sculpting of Glencoe, however it is ever changing due to the glacial periods of the Scottish climate.